52/50 Photography Project

A year long photography project which spanned the whole of 2012. 

The rules were simple, take one (publishable) picture every week for a year (that's the 52 bit) whilst only using a 50mm fixed lens. I used a Canon 5D MK2 and my 50mm f1.4 was comparatively small and very portable. An f-stop of 1.4 made gave it the edge in darker conditions without a flash and the results the lens produced when I got the shot right were fantastic.

Having said that, the project was not without its challenges. I underestimated how time consuming and remarkably difficult it was to find a single (publishable) shot within a week. With a day job that isn’t photography, planning and research were absolutely key. I kept a list of ideas and shots to try (indoor and outdoor) to refer to when I was running out of time or feeling uninspired. 

I fully recommend a project like this to anyone who wants to improve their photography as well as have a nice way to look back over what you did during the year.